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Numchuk Quad is a non-selective knockdown and residual herbicide featuring Quad Control Herbicide Technology to provide effective post and pre- emergence weed control for up to 12 months

Numchuk Quad contains 100g/L Glyphosate, 60g/L Amitrole, 15g/L Oxyfluorfen and 350g/L Terbuthylazine – 4 herbicides from different mode of action groups

Numchuk Quad is registered to control most annual, perennial and broadleaf weeds in commercial and industrial areas including rights of way, roadsides, railway lines, guideposts, powerlines and substations, aerodromes, public utilities and fencelines

  •  Contains Quad Control Technology, multiple modes of action, reducing potential weed resistance issues.

  • >  Very effective on hard to kills weeds like Fleabane and Giant Rats Tail.

  • >  Substantial labour saving for weed management on road and rail situations.

  • >  Provides both knockdown and residual control – reducing need for additional tank mixes.

  • >  Has strong activity on both grasses and broadleaf weeds.

  • >  Provides long term residual control – up to 12 months or greater.

  • >  Can be used via handgun or boom application.

  • >  Safe to established trees and ornamentals, as long as spray drift doesn’t occur

Maximising performance

  • >  Don’t apply if heavy rains or storms that are likely to cause runoff are forecasted within 3 days. Avoid application to waterlogged soils.

  • >  Don’t apply with spray droplets smaller than a course spray droplet size.

  • >  Avoid application when wind speed is less than 3 or more than 20 kilometres per hour, as measured at the application site.

  • >  Do not apply during surface temperature inversion conditions at the application site.

  • >  For best results add 120mL/100L of water of a suitable adjuvant / surfactant.

  • >  Application should give 8-12 months effective weed control. Duration and effectiveness of control depends on the amount of chemical applied, soil type, rainfall, weed species and other conditions.

  • >  Sufficient rainfall (20 to 30 mm either as rainfall or irrigation) to wet the soil through the weed root zone is necessary within 2-3 weeks of application to make the product effective. A delay in rainfall beyond 3 weeks may result in weeds germinating from depth and surviving. Heavy rainfall on light soils may cause movement of the herbicide out of the weed seed zone, resulting in reduced weed control.

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