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Scientific Turf Solutions



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Voltar GT 250SC is a broad spectrum fungicide containing 250g/L of the active ingredient Iprodione. It is registered for the control of Brown Patch, Dollar Spot, Fusarium Patch, Spring Dead Spot, White Helminthosporium and Black Helminthosporium diseases in all recreational turf situations

Voltar GT 250SC is registered for the control of Botrytis Blight in ornamental plants

Voltar GT 250SC is an oil based, SC formulation of Iprodione and is manufactured in Australia

  • >  Provides curative, protectant and eradicant activity.

  • >  Improved rainfast properties. Works in most weather conditions.

  • >  Broad spectrum of activity. Registered for the control of 6 turf diseases, including foliar and root pathogens.

  • >  Locally Systemic movement (translaminar) within the plant. Provides curative control of pathogens within plant tissue.

  • >  Works on all stages of the disease lifecycle. Will work for you, regardless of where the disease growth is at.

  • >  Registered for disease control in both turf & on a range of ornamental plant varieties. Provides versatility making it convenient for use in a range of situations.

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